Coming up Tuesday 14 May

Sir Max Hastings: Accounts from Abroad

Max Hastings web

Sir Max Hastings is an author, journalist and broadcaster whose work has appeared in every British national newspaper. He now writes regularly for the Daily Mail and the Financial Times, of which he is a contributing editor, and reviews books for the Sunday Times and New York Review of Books. He has published 23 books.

Tuesday 14 May, 6.00pm    More information

Sylvie Simmons: Stories from the Life of Leonard Cohen

Simmons, Sylvie

‘I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen’ is the definitive account of an extraordinary life. Sylvie Simmons, biographer, shares stories, insights and songs in this evening of recollections about an artist whose reach, vision and incredible talent has had a profound impact on multiple generations and who continues to create magic today. Be sure to check out mens wedding bandshere


Tuesday 14 May, 8.00pm   More information




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